Background:  The CSF (classical swine fever virus) virus is a single strain, positive-sense ((+)sRNA) RNA virus belonging to the genus Pestivirus in the family Flaviviridae. This virus is closely related to ruminant pestiviruses that cause bovine viral diarrhoea (BVDV) and border disease (BDV) of sheep, both of which can also infect pigs naturally causing reproductive problems. The CSF virus is the infectious agent of classical swine fever or hog cholera (also sometimes called pig plague based on the German word “Schweinepest”), which is a highly contagious disease of swine. Swine fever virus causes fever, skin lesions, convulsions, and usually death. The effect of different CSF virus strains varies widely, leading to a wide range of clinical signs. There is only one serotype of the virus and attenuated vaccines are available.

Description:  ViroReal® Kit CSF Virus uses one-step reverse transcription RT real-time PCR for the detection of the 5´UTR of the CSF virus genome. Our carefully designed primers and probe ensure highest sensitivity and specificity. The kit consists of an assay mix for the detection of the pathogen as well as a positive control and an internal positive control (IPC). Reverse transcription and PCR can be performed in one reaction well.

ViroReal® Kit CSF Virus
Order Number Reactions Channel Pathogen Channel IPC Target
DVEV02313 100 FAM Cy5 5´UTR
DVEV02353 50 FAM Cy5 5´UTR
Shipping Temperature: -20 °C dry ice
Product Features:
  • Amplification and detection: 5´UTR of CSF Virus
  • Real-time PCRwith primern, probes and positive control
  • PCR- platforms: runs on all established standard real-time PCR- platforms
  • Harmonized thermal profiles to run RNA and DNA samples simultaneously

PCR platforms: ViroReal® Kit CSF Virus is developed and validated for the Applied Biosystems® 7500 System (Thermo Fisher Scientific), LightCycler® 480 (Roche) and Mx3005P® QPCR System (Agilent), but is also suitable for other real-time PCR instruments.

Assay: Optional - this product is also available as an assay-only format with primers, probe and a positive control, but without reaction mix.

ViroReal® CSF Virus
Order Number Reactions Channel Pathogen Channel IPC Target
RTGV26 100 FAM Cy5 5´UTR
Shipping Temperature: -20 °C to +4 °C
BactoReal® , MycoReal® , ParoReal ® and ViroReal® Kits run with the same thermal cycling conditions.