About us

We are dedicated specialists in molecular biology with long-standing experience in the fields of:

  • Real-time PCR assay design, performance validation and production
  • Provider of molecular biology services such as cloning, sequencing, fragment length analysis, SNP and gene expression analysis
  • Research and development
  • Contract research for pharmaceutical industry

Core areas of expertise are design, development and production of real-time PCR-based tests for the detection of various pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, for applications in human and veterinary medicine.

In addition, ingenetix is a provider of molecular biology services and offers design, performance and validation of PCR, real-time PCR and fragment length analyses as well as SNP and gene expression analysis. Ingenetix provides oligo- and sequencing service, trainings in the field of molecular biology, as well as consulting and design of laboratory experiments. Ingenetix participates in research projects and offers state-of-the-art technologies.


Irina Korschineck
Peter Hösle
Christine Kathoki
Matthias Rauch
Order processing, Production & Logistics
Miroslava Kusendova
Order processing, Production & Logistics
Elena Gruber
Johanna Friedrich
Sergen Ilbeyi
Elena Katharina Smesic
Romana Tepla
Abdullah Orhan
Jurij Koschelnik
Facility Management, IT & Technical Product Management
Zulija Tulic
Facility Management
Simone Sturm-Emerstorfer
Quality Management
Thomas Barila
Quality Management
Elisabeth Gharehbaghi-Schnell
Quality Management
Christoph Lammel
Research & Development
Claudia Pitzl
Research & Development
Julia Simeckova
Research & Development
Monika Pascher
Research & Development


  • Customer needs set the standards of our operations
  • Thus we strive for continous improvement in product and service quality
  • Employees perform their work in consistency with current laboratory standards and state-of-the-art methods as outlined in our quality management system. Advanced training allows us to provide our clients a high level of professional service, keeping up to date with current developments in the field of DNA/RNA technology.
  • The laboratory pledges non-disclosure of personal data and ensures data protection by taking appropriate measures.

Ethical standards

Ingenetix combines product quality, data integrity and security as well as the highest laboratory standards. The laboratory participates regularly in inter-laboratory ring trials.


ingenetix GmbH

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Head southeast on Erdberger Länder – at the Henkel company turn right onto the side road (sign Haidingergasse). Parking spaces are available in our parking garage. Access to the parking garage at: Erdberger Lände 30, 1030 Vienna

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Haidingergasse 1, 1030 Vienna – Ring at Apleona – loading zone right after gate on the left

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