Background: Bovine herpesvirus 1 (BHV-1) is a DNA virus of the family Herpesviridae, subfamily Alphaherpesvirinae. BHV-1 can cause both clinical and subclinical infections in cattle, including infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), infectious pustular vulvovaginitis (IBV) and infectious balanoposthitis (IBP). BHV-1 causes a lifelong latent infection in the trigeminal or sacral ganglia. Animals with a latent BHV-1 infection may serve as a source of infection for susceptible animals. BHV-1 is transmitted mainly through respiratory, ocular or genital secretions.

Description: ViroReal® Kit Bovine Herpesvirus 1 uses real-time PCR for the detection of the UL27 gene of BHV-1. Our carefully designed primers and probe ensure highest sensitivity and specificity. The kit consists of an assay mix for the detection of the pathogen as well as a positive control and an internal positive control (IPC). To minimize PCR cross-contamination,the reaction mix included contains dUTP and uracil-N glycosylase (UNG). For more detailed information see here.

ViroReal® Kit Bovine Herpesvirus 1
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For veterinary use only.
Shipping Temperature: -20°C dry ice
Product Features:
  • Amplification and detection: UL27 gene of Bovine Herpesvirus 1
  • Real-time PCR with rapid hot-start Taq DNA polymerase
  • ROX™ dye as passive reference
  • Internal Positive Control System to exclude false-negative results
  • Optimized to handle PCR inhibitors
  • PCR- platforms: runs on all established standard real-time PCR- platforms
  • Harmonized thermal profiles to run RNA and DNA samples simultaneously
  • Available formats: Kit (with reaction mix) or Assay-only

PCR platforms: ViroReal® Kit Bovine Herpesvirus 1 is developed and validated for the Applied Biosystems® 7500 System (Thermo Fisher Scientific), LightCycler® 480 (Roche) and Mx3005P® QPCR System (Agilent), but is also suitable for other real-time PCR instruments.

Assay: Optional this product is also available as an assay-only format with primers, probe and a positive control, but without reaction mix.

ViroReal® Bovine Herpesvirus 1
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For veterinary use only.
Shipping Temperature: +4°C cool packs
BactoReal®, MycoReal®, ParoReal® and ViroReal® Kits run with the same thermal cycling conditions.