Background:  Porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) is a member of the family Circoviridae, genus Circovirus and is an icosahedral, non-enveloped DNA virus with a single-stranded ambisense circular genome.

Description:  ViroReal®  Typing Kit PCV2 a, b, d contains three PCR primer sets for the amplification and detection of DNA of porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) a, b, d. This test is based on an intercalating dye using real-time PCR and has been developed and validated for the Applied Biosystems® 7500 (Fast) instrument (Thermo Fisher Scientific), but is also suitable for other real-time PCR instruments. This test allows the rapid typing of PCV2 a, b, d from DNA samples. ViroReal®  Typing Kit PCV2 a, b, d detects the capsid gene of PCV2 a,b, d. The test is based on a phylogenetic analysis and the definition of genotype-specific marker postions for PCV2 genotypes published by Franzo et al. The amplification curve and gene specific melting curve at 515nm indicate the amplification of PCV2 a, b, d  specific DNA. Master mix and seperate positive controls for PCV2a, PCV2b and PCV2d are included.

ViroReal® Typing Kit PCV2 a, b, d
Order Number Reactions Channel Pathogen Channel IPC Target
DVET002 100 SYBR Green capsid gene
Shipping Temperature: -20 °C to +4 °C
Product Features:
  • Genotyping of porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2): PCV2a, PCV2b, PCV2d
  • Real-time PCR and melt curve analysis with supplied master mix
  • ROX™ dye as passive reference

PCR platforms: ViroReal® Typing Kit PCV2a, b, d has been tested with the Applied Biosystems® 7500 System (Thermo Fisher Scientific), LightCycler® 480 (Roche) and Mx3005P® QPCR System (Agilent), but is also suitable for other real-time PCR instruments.

BactoReal® , MycoReal® , ParoReal ® and ViroReal® Kits run with the same thermal cycling conditions.